Are you tired of cookbooks that make too much sense? Sick of recipes with so many steps? Don’t you just wish you could throw everything in a blender and be done with it?

Congratulations. You’re ready for… The Laurentina Cookbook.

3 Responses to About

  1. Such inordinate originality and improvisational skill, crammed into the pages of this exceptional cooking blog! I will share your secrets with all of my family, friends and clients, especially those on parole.

  2. Impressed says:

    You take things and put them together. But not specific things — anything you have lying around! Then you call it a meal! In Laurentina’s world, there’s no such thing as “That doesn’t go together,” or “WTF NO!”. You’re a true risk taker and an enthusiast, prepared for the modern world at small — in your own little bubble. These timeless (and that’s timeless as in “as little time as possible”) recipes are sure to please even the least picky of eaters!

    Go Laurentina go!

  3. I am not surprised… but most certainly amused, Lauren dearest!


    …that is all.

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