More fun with bananas and oats

I’m still experimenting with the banana + oats = cookies recipe, and finding fun variations!


Today I decided to make one big fat blob. Fun, right? Ingredients:

2 bananas, so over-ripe they smell alcoholic
Organic peanut butter
Turmeric (turning it yellow)
Chia seeds
Hemp hearts
Crushed walnuts
Crushed pecans
Goji berries

Yesterday I made “hamentashen” for Purim. That’s in quotes because this only resembled hamentashen, and not because I don’t think real hamentashen exist. What this means is that I made triangular “cookies”, then put stuff in the middle, then padded the outside again. One was prune, another was dates, another had chocolate chips, and one had goji berries. I didn’t have poppy seeds and decided not to use hemp seeds because I didn’t think that would have the same effect. But maybe it would, what do I know?

I’m still learning about this baking thing. Apparently when I said in my last post that this burns if it’s in the toaster oven more than 20 minutes, I was not yet aware that baking means 350, not 450. So really, bake them for as long as you’d like. They take forever to get crunchy, and sometimes you just have to eat them chewy anyway, and hear everyone complain that cookies are “supposed” to be hard instead of gooey. Enjoy your mishloach manot, people!

And anyway, isn’t it more fun to read a blog by someone who knows less than you do about baking? I am so sick of reading from people who already know everything. Am I right, people?

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The most interesting person in the world.* *Above opinion may be biased.
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