Blenders and sprouting and yogurt stew, oh my!

A few weeks ago at a charity auction I won a single-serve blender, and I couldn’t be happier! By single-serve I don’t mean that I used it once then threw it away. I mean that it blends enough for a single serving, and can be taken apart so I can drink directly out of it. Yay! I’ve made wonderful concoctions, discovering that sea salt makes it a world of tastier; banana really does make it frothy and smoothie-licious; honey is wonderful though bee propolis doesn’t blend well; and I like different textures, from smooth to soupy to floating bits inside liquid.

I’ve also begun sprouting mung beans, which is another most exciting thing ever. Supposedly if you bring mung beans to a pot luck it’s best to combine it with something or add olive oil or whatever, but I like to bring it plain and plop it next to someone else’s salad and give people the option. I started this tradition at a pot luck specifically for hippies, and I finally feel like I can legitimately call myself a hippy. I have been waiting for this moment all of my life.

And now, we get to this:


Today I ran out of solid vegetables or fruit, so all of my usual blending options flew out the window. But then, there’s yogurt in my fridge. And when all I have left is half a dozen powders, yogurt is my new blending canvas.

I started with the 3.9% organic plain yogurt. (Plain is best, the rest have too much sugars – and what’s the point when I can just flavour it myself?) Then I added so many powders that it actually looked like a mountain of dry paint in my bowl. Ew, that’s a gross analogy. Anyway, I started with the vanilla flavoured brown rice protein that I’ve had for over a year because it never mixed well with water and I didn’t really know what to do with — until now!! Two things happened this morning: I learned that it’s perfect for mixing with yogurt; and I finally finished it!! Yayyy.


Whole vanilla bean powder (also a terrible texture in liquids, but wonderful with yogurt)
Goji powder
Turmeric (what? I’m not afraid of salty!)
Raw hemp, E3Live & maca
Agave (my “prebiotic & probiotic advantage”!)
Honey (a great thing to sweeten yogurt!)

And for the final step, I added the crunchy home-harvested ingredient: sprouted mung beans! But a surprise greeted me when I lifted the lid off the container that I had let sit around for days and days after they finished sprouting. My beans have grown super-long tails and green leaves! I’ve eaten most of them, but here is one in her full glory:


I really hope that she is edible.
Well, I guess it’s too late for that…

And the verdict on this final concoction? Delicious! I actually surprised myself. I will admit, I had my doubts. My first spoonful was preceded by silent praying and I had to close my eyes. But this recipe is delicious. I am pro-yogurt stew for future experimentations! 🙂


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