SeaWeird Salad — an ingredient-by-ingredient Guide

1. Fueru wakame seaweed. Says the package: Soak 4-6 minutes and add to soup or salad. Silly package, your contents ARE the salad!

2. Roasted peas. I thought this would make it too salty, but this is what MAKES this dish.

3. Pumpkin seeds. What other bulk item adds just a little crunch without being too imposing?

4. Almonds. I can’t handle whole almonds anymore. When this jar runs out, it will only ever be unbleached almond slivers for me, I swear.

5. Kiwi. Kiwi, you are so good, if you didn’t make things so complicated with your skin needing to be peeled and not eaten, I would eat you all the time.

6. Loose tea leaves. Citrus Chamomile. This may sound strange… but why wouldn’t you? The orange and lemon bits add crunch as well as flavour, and the mini-flowers just look fun.

7. (Added after photograph) Roasted chick peas. I always avoid putting these in stuff because they’re so overwhelming, but here luckily the seaweed can stand up for itself.

Tip from Aunt Laurentina*: Drink lots of water. Especially when you eat something salty. Especially when the cold winter dries you out. Especially when you’re drinking alcohol–it’s the prevention against hangover. Brain Gym and pilates and health people are all about water. We are so dehydrated. And it’s free, in our part of the world (if you pay for water and you live in Canada, I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for you. Tap water is cleaner than bottled.)


*Laurentina is not actually your aunt


About Lauren

The most interesting person in the world.* *Above opinion may be biased.
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2 Responses to SeaWeird Salad — an ingredient-by-ingredient Guide

  1. Kimberley says:

    You can totally eat kiwi skin. I do it all the time. Just sayin’.

  2. Lauren says:

    Thank you.
    I will now be a lot less wasteful when I eat kiwis.
    And more lazy. šŸ™‚

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