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Random-Spice Oatmeal

Help yourself to a bowl of oatmeal at parents’ house. Feel comfortable with this calm morning. Get text message from friend egging you on to eat something weird. Root through parents’ spice rack. Add some Mrs. Dash. Find Creole Powder … Continue reading

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Curried Granola

Pour some curry powder into a bowl. Realize that you poured way too much. Add granola, then add more granola in an attempt to compensate. Throw in ground ginger in an attempt to drown out the curry. It doesn’t succeed, … Continue reading

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Day 1: Ideas

Winning combination of the day: Roasted peas sandwiched inside a date. Today’s breakfast tip: Drop a dollop of buckwheat honey atop a chunk of Asian zucchini. Top it off with a sliver of ginger and an almond. Enjoy! Lunch: Toast … Continue reading

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